Evil Dead 1.05 patch notes (May 26 update): Everything that’s changed

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Evil Dead

Saber Interactive has released patch 1.05 for Evil Dead to fix issues and bugs plaguing their horror-based game. Here’s everything we know. 

Evil Dead: The Game has become rather popular with its community as the horror-based multiplayer game has given the Sam Raimi franchise fans their spin on Dead by Daylight. 

With abundant references to the iconic movies, Evil Dead: The Game has proved to be a true love story of the horrific. But with the fun and fan service, the game has its fair share of bugs. 

Saber Interactive has released its latest update, patch 1.05, to fix the horror-based multiplayer experience’s issues and bugs. 

Cheryl in Evil Dead: The game
Cheryl has been seen as one of the best characters in the game due to healing abilities.

Evil Dead: The Game patch 1.05 fixes major bugs and nerfs Cheryl

Saber Interactive released the official list of patch notes on May 26, 2022, as the devs look to answer the cries of their fan base by fixing combat cheats that have almost made the game unplayable such as speed hacks and glitchy health regeneration. 

Patch 1.05 also fixes the long-standing issue of the game crashing after closing the pause menu, specifically on the “Find a way out of the pit” objective in Mission 5. 

One of the most significant changes from the latest update comes in Cheryl being nerfed as the character received a significant “balancing to her healing abilities.”

evil Dead
Numerous changes have been made to remedy the bugs causing the game to be unplayable at times.

Evil Dead: The Game update 1.05 full patch notes

Here is everything included in Evil Dead: The Game’s patch 1.05: 

Stability / Quality of Life

  • Implemented various fixes to combat cheats such as speed hacks, health regeneration, fake nicknames, and character model changing. A larger anti-cheat update is also forthcoming in another update soon.
  • Addressed an exploit where players could cancel animations to perform actions faster than intended
  • Improved server stability
  • Various bug fixes and improvements


  • Fixed crashing after closing the pause menu on “Find a way out of the pit” objective in Mission 5


  • Fixed loss of input bug when a possessed unit dies


  • Updated balancing to Cheryl’s healing attributes
  • Updated balancing to Evil Dead 1 Ash’s healing attributes
  • Adjusted values to Amanda’s Weapon Master: Pistol Skill
  • Fixed an issue causing loss of input when Survivors are possessed by Demon, exit vehicles, or try to pick up full stacks of items
  • Fixed an issue that caused a Survivor to be immortal at death or when using a healing item in the storm
  • Fixed an issue where Survivors can deal 1M damage to Demon and deadites


  • Fixed Playstation 4 Trophies not synchronizing

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