What is the next mission in Evil Dead: The Game – Leaks & rumors

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If you’re wondering what the next mission is in Evil Dead: The Game after completing the initial five, we’ve got you covered with everything to know about leaks and rumors regarding future mission releases.

Saber Interactive’s Evil Dead: The Game puts players into the shoes of Ash Williams and other iconic characters in a mayhem-fuelled all-out battle to defeat those pesky Deadites. While there are plenty of multiplayer options to dig into, the solo campaign gives players a chance to earn additional rewards and characters from the franchise.

Once you’ve beaten all of these missions, however, you’ll likely find yourself wondering what might be coming next – so read on to find out everything we know about upcoming missions in Evil Dead: The Game.

an image of evil dead the game missions
Saber Interactive
Each mission has a unique task to carry out.

How many missions are in Evil Dead: The Game?

There is currently a total of five different missions to explore in Evil Dead: The Game, each of which pulls inspiration from story elements from across the series. While five might not seem like a lot, these missions can be notoriously difficult and require a whole lot of patience to get through them due to a lack of checkpoints.

While the fifth mission teases the arrival of the upcoming Army of Darkness content, new leaks have pointed to a focus on the Ash vs Evil Dead TV show for the sixth mission in the campaign.

What is the next mission in Evil Dead: The Game?

According to Redditor Indelxble, the sixth mission of Evil Dead: The Game will see players interact with Kelly Maxwell from Ash vs Evil Dead. While details of the mission itself are under wraps, it looks as if Ash will need to exorcise an evil spirit from Kelly’s soul from the shown artwork.

The title of the chapter, ‘Adios, Eligos’, implies that players will have to battle Eligos, the Puppeteer boss-type enemy, which lines up with specific events in the show itself. 

While that’s all of the details we have for now, as more information is revealed about the next mission, we’ll be sure to update you accordingly right here.

So there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about the next mission in Evil Dead: The Game.

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