EA SPORTS NHL player goes viral on TikTok after scoring as goalie

Crosby NHL 22 goal in viral tiktokEA SPORTS

As hockey fans around the world gear up for NHL 22 to release, one player has gone viral on TikTok for scoring a goal dubbed the “most disrespectful” of all time with a goalie of all things.

The EA SPORTS NHL video games are some of the best when it comes to translating real life to a digital screen, partly because of how insane hockey is as a sport. Hitting, fighting and crazy plays all easily make for top video game material.

However, that’s not to say that the NHL video games don’t get a bit silly from time to time, especially when players in control have a lot of skills to back it up.

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Case and point when TikTokker Jagdip Singh put on an absolute clinic against his opponent in NHL 21, deking him out hilariously and with the goaltender of all things.

NHL goalie scores in viral TikTok

In his match, Singh was using his created goalie player and got the put from the opposing team. Despite being a goalie, he was came out of his net and danced around the opposing forward before shooting the puck from all the way in his own end of the ice.

As if the whole goalie playing the puck wasn’t already crazy enough, the shot ended up actually going in.

It’s unclear exactly what the goalie on the other team was doing, if he was distracted or AFK or what, but it defies all logic for that shot to go in. Nonetheless, it made for a hilarious, yet disrespectful goal and worthy of being reshared by the awesome hockey Twitter account Spittin’ Chiclets.

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In the real NHL, there have been a few goalies to have scored goals, but never with another goaltender in net. It’s just one of those crazy things that can only happen in video games.

It will be fun to see if Singh can replicate the magic of his viral goal in the newest entry when NHL 22 launches on October 15.