NELK Boys prank ends in disaster as victim starts fight and threatens to kill them

Nelk boys prank gone wrongYouTube, NELK

The Nelk Boys are back at it again with another prank video, but this one goes horribly wrong after a victim of their shenanigans attacked one of the actors. 

Having built up almost seven million YouTube subscribers since the creation of their channel in 2010, the Nelk Boys could be considered the go-to for prank videos on the platform.

On top of their out-of-this-world jokes, they also practice philanthropy between the members of the group and have even given their biggest fan a house.

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In a delivery prank video uploaded October 4, the first couple of people they pranked handled it rather well and were rewarded cash. With the last person, however, they never expected it to go quite so badly.

Nelk BoysInstagram: NELKBoys
The NELK Boys have grown from strength to strength.

Nelk Boys prank goes horribly wrong

When the last delivery driver showed up at the set, he was quickly bombarded by a man acting as a police officer. The actor and all of the prankster’s crew jumped down to the ground as the faux police officer yelled to do so.

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“He’s the leader, he’s the leader of the whole thing. He’s a fake Postmates driver,” a member of the Nelk Boys yelled as the police officer yelled for everyone to be quiet.

They seem to have a different idea, though, as they hand the fake police officer $50,000 to make him “forget anything happened.”

They finally let the victim walk away, but not before they stopped the delivery driver to tell him it was a prank the whole time. Instantly dropping his bag in response, the man replied: “I’m gonna f*** you guys up!”

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(Timestamp at 12:31 for mobile users)

Heading over to the phony police officer holding the money, the man puts the actor in a chokehold before tackling him. After the team separated the two, the victim threatened to kill several of the production team, including mention of a firearm he claimed to have in his car.

The real police ended up arriving to protect the YouTubers and their production crew. Fortunately, Nobody received any serious injuries.

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