Dr Disrespect reveals his honest verdict on Sonic Frontiers gameplay

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Dr Disrespect has been watching Sonic Frontiers gameplay on stream and he’s called for Sega to let the open-world game gestate for a little while longer.

Sega teased Sonic’s all-new open-world adventure during its Sonic Central broadcast in May 2021. After months of rumors and leaks, the publisher formally unveiled the Sonic Frontiers project at the 2021 Game Awards, promising a colorful experience set in the Starfall Islands.

While fans responded well to last year’s debut trailer, the latest Sonic Frontiers-related news engendered mixed reactions online.

Sonic Frontiers’ seven-minute gameplay reveal sparked widespread pleas for a delay, specifically so developer Sonic Team could further polish what many have dubbed a clunky-looking experience.

Dr Disrespect reacts to Sonic Frontiers gameplay

dr disrespect
Dr Disrespect says Sonic Frontiers should be delayed.

Popular streamer and content creator Dr Disrespect has joined the chorus of Sonic faithful calling for Sega to delay the release of Sonic Frontiers.

The content creator expressed this sentiment during a recent stream, in which he reacted to the full gameplay premiere.

A third of the way through his reaction, Dr Disrespect pauses to tell viewers, “there’s a part of me that’s kind of annoyed by it, but then there’s a part of me that kind of likes it.”

He later laments the lack of variety, pointing out how the world design suffers from a generally bland aesthetic. Sonic’s gameplay mechanics also get the short end of the stick, with the character repeatedly performing the same tasks.

Dr Disrespect closes out his Sonic Frontiers reaction by calling the gameplay reveal “a good start.”

However, he argues the open-world title would benefit from at least another two years of development time.

As mentioned above, the streamer isn’t alone in his assessment. Many Sonic fans also hold out hope that Sega will postpone Sonic Frontiers’ holiday 2022 release to allow developers a chance at significantly improving upon the game.

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