Disney Dreamlight Valley players demand romance option after simping over Goofy

Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Romance OptionDisney, Nintendo

Disney Dreamlight Valley players are exploring a world that combines cozy slice-of-life games with the iconic Disney franchise. However, a specific staple mechanic is missing from the game, and Goofy fans are demanding a change.

Disney Dreamlight Valley seems like the ideal slice-of-life farming sim game for Disney fans. Players have the chance to befriend a wide cast of iconic characters, build flourishing farmsteads, and unravel and mysterious narrative alongside farming, decorating, and socializing.

While the gameplay in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s early access release is expansive, players have started asking about a missing mechanic. The ability to romance NPCs is a commonly used feature in slice-of-life games, with getting dating, getting married, and having children all a part of the wholesome gameplay of the genre.

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However, dating and marriage aren’t a part of Disney Dreamlight Valley. While this absence is likely understandable to most gamers – for many of the same reasons it isn’t present in popular games like Animal Crossing – some fans are demanding the ability to pair up with their favorite characters. Specifically Goofy.

Why do Disney Dreamlight Valley players want romance options?

In a recent post shared by left5donut on Twitter, the player states “Disney Dreamlight Valley is a little bit Stardew and a little bit Animal Crossing. It’s got just about everything you could want in a life sim game… Except I can’t marry Goofy. 0/10 This is h’yucked up.” The thought appears to be shared by many fans in the comments of the post as well.

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Another user known as ryutagawa on Twitter adds “If I can’t marry goofy in dreamlight valley then what’s the point?” while phrequenceyviii says “Asking my wife if you can romance Goofy in Disney Dreamlight Valley and then saying she isn’t trying hard enough when she says no”.

The simp for Goofy doesn’t end with a few comments however, as the Vtuber account Mana_Gotchi appears determined to attempt the romance despite the lacking in-game mechanics.

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While it isn’t clear why so many players are set on marrying the towering dog Mascot of the franchise, it is clear the desire to do so is shared by a large group in the community.

Because it is very unlikely romance options with Disney NPCs will ever be added to Disney Dreamlight Valley, Goofy enthusiasts will have to hold their love at a distance. Thankfully anyone feeling lonely for Goofy can simply standstill in the game and listen – his comforting presence can usually be heard in the distance as he fishes or lurks in gardens.

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