Marvel Snap players demand an easier path to obtaining Pool 4 & 5 cards

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Marvel Snap players are begging the developers to give them easier avenues to obtain cards from the Pool 4 & 5 collection of cards, which are currently almost impossible to obtain.

Digital card game players all flocked to Marvel Snap towards the end of 2022 as the game became an instant success upon launch in mid-October.

The game has captivated a massive audience for its intriguing card design as well as its fast-paced gameplay.

However, the method of actually obtaining cards is leaving many players frustrated and looking for a change.

Marvel Snap players want changes to obtaining cards

A post to the game’s subreddit went viral pointing to the developers’ confusing relay of information to the player base about how Pool 4 & 5 cards are obtained. It also takes aim at developer Second Dinner for introducing new cards each season into the Pool 5 set of cards, which for nearly all players, is nearly impossible to obtain.

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Most of the player base is currently working through obtaining all the cards in Pool 3, which has over 70 cards in it. As players typically obtain new cards via the Collector’s Reserve via the Collection Level track, the Reserve usually grants players a new card once out of every four unlocked for Pool 3. Beyond that, it’s roughly one out of every ten for a Pool 4 card. And, for the rarest cards in the game in Pool 5, there’s under a 0.25% chance you’ll pull one from a Reserve.

With such slow progress on the track, the new cards are seemingly permanently out of reach for almost the entire player base.

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The post also hits out at Second Dinner CDO Ben Brode who said the end game of Marvel Snap for dedicated players will have them unlocked just one card each month they play the game, unlocked via Collectors Tokens.

Fellow Snap players in the comment section sounded off on the game’s progression system as well.

One player said, “It’s clearly a system designed to make players want the new cards badly enough to spend insane amounts of money. Which is also extremely pay to win, for the record.”

Another added, “It’s the same framing that was used to justify their design decisions back in hearthstone times. They repeatedly printed trash statline cards and refused to do full-synergy deck design for the longest time, and framed it like it was an inevitable consequence on the path to their vision of players building decks by finding out hidden clever ways to make use of the pure trash they printed to solve lop-sided metagame problems that were purely a consequence of their design.”

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Clearly, Marvel Snap players would like there to be a happy medium where unlocks don’t take forever, and Pool 4 & 5 cards can be obtained at a reasonable rate.