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Berserk’s world of vengeance is brought to life in highly detailed action figures and statues capturing key characters like Guts, Griffith, Slan, and iconic scenes.

Since its premiere in 1989, Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy epic Berserk has earned a devoted following for its grim storytelling and striking visual style. For fans eager to showcase their Berserk passion, action figures, and statues capture the look of Guts, Griffith, demons, and angels with exceptional detail.

Spanning fearsome warriors to supernatural entities, these Berserk figures highlight elements that make the manga iconic. Wielding massive weapons, donning sinister armor, and exhibiting preternatural powers, the figures bring pivotal scenes and characters to vivid life.

S.H. Figuarts Guts Berserker Armor

Guts Berserker Armor Figure

Tamashii Nations launched a must-have for Berserk fans with this S.H. Figuarts armored Guts. Measuring about 6 inches tall, the figure wields his sword Dragonslayer along with interchangeable hands, heads, and weapons that animate his rage-fueled battles.

S.H. Figuarts Guts Berserker Armor “Heat of Passion”

Guts Berserker Armor “Heat of Passion”

Tamashii Nations unleashed other intense Guts Berserker Armor figures with the S.H. Figuarts “Heat of Passion” version. It stands about 6 inches tall with accessories to switch between “skull” and “normal” helmet versions plus optional body parts. Vibrant color schemes underscore the dynamic combat action possible.

Max Factory Guts Berserker Armor Bust

Guts Berserker Armor Bust

Max Factory sculpted an imposing Guts bust radiating fury in his Berserker state. This figure is cast in Polystone, with detailed armor and effects that capture his intense struggle to resist the armor’s influence in a striking piece.

Figma Femto “Egg of the Supreme Ruler”

Femto “Egg of the Supreme Ruler”

Figma’s “Freeing” line produced another stunning Femto embodiment with this Femto Figure, featuring a stand based on the Egg of the Supreme Ruler, used in Griffith’s unholy rebirth. The articulated 6-inch figure conveys his dark magnificence.

Figma Femto

Femto Figma Figure

Freeing added frightening elegance to its Berserk figma lineup with this rendering of Griffith reborn as a demon god. The six-inch figma boasts articulated wings and a body to showcase Femto’s sinister power through various unsettling poses.

ThreeZero Black Swordsman Guts

Black Swordsman Guts

In a towering 12-inch figure, ThreeZero recreated Guts during his lone wolf Black Swordsman era. With intricately detailed armor, clothing fabric, interchangeable heads/hands, and massive weapons, it embodies his vengeance-fueled quest.

Figma Slan & Conrad

Slan and Conrad Figures

This Freeing boxed set couples the God Hand’s only female member Slan with her follower Conrad. The six-inch Slan figma and two and a half-inch Conrad figFIX epitomize Berserk’s themes of lust and violence.

Figma Guts Berserker Armor Skull Edition

Skull Edition Guts Berserker Armor

Max Factory’s updated Berserker Armor Guts figma adds a new skull helmet and luminous spirit Schierke to the original sculpt. These bonus parts expand posing and display options for the popular figure.

Figma Black Swordsman Guts Enhanced Edition

Enhanced Edition Black Swordsman Guts

With enhanced paintwork on skin and armor, Max Factory’s Black Swordsman Figma presents Guts in striking detail. Switching arms, and faces, and firing his cannon arm captures his quest’s unrelenting nature.

S.H Figuarts Griffith Hawk of Light

Griffith Hawk of Light

Tamashii Nations crafted this highly poseable S.H. Figuarts Griffith during his Hawk of Light phase. The six-inch figure comes with alternate hands, heads, helmet parts, a sword, cape, and more to dramatize Griffith leading the reformed Band of the Falcon.

ThreeZero Griffith (Reborn Band of the Falcon)

Reborn Band of Falcon Griffith

ThreeZero produced an intricately detailed 1/6th scale Griffith figure in armor leading his reformed troops. With a customized body boasting 40 points of articulation as well as a meticulously detailed costume and accessories. It captures his charisma and allure of the reborn Griffith.

ThreeZero Skull Knight Exclusive Version

Skull Knight Exclusive Version

Threezero’s eerie 1/6th scale sculpt spotlights the enigmatic Skull Knight astride his skeletal steed. This 14-inch exclusive edition adds the Sword of Actuation to existing accessories including the Sword of Thorns, shield, and interchangeable hands.

Berserk’s enthralling worlds inspire remarkable creations like these figures oozing the Dark Fantasy atmosphere. For devoted fans, they make sublime additions whether shelved, displayed on desks, or arranged in gripping dioramas.

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