Stunning new Berserker Armor Guts figure revealed & you can make it yourself

Ash Singh

Max Factory has unveiled an incredible Berserker Armor Guts model kit at the WF 2024 event for Berserk fans to assemble.

Berserk fans, prepare your shelves for an awesome new addition – Max Factory has revealed a new model kit figure of Guts in his iconic Berserker Armor at the WF 2024 event. Sculpted by acclaimed artist Masato Oshima, this kit captures Guts at his most ferocious.

As part of Max Factory’s Plamatea series, the Berserker Armor Guts model employs soft fabrics and armor plating. This allows lifelike movements to act out frenetic combat scenes from Kentaro Miura’s dark fantasy manga. The hybrid plastic/fabric materials facilitate complex poses wielding Guts’ hulking Dragonslayer sword.

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Every jagged plate of the intimidating suit of possessed armor is recreated in exacting detail, right down to the sinister beast helmet-grated face plate. Between the woven black cape and armor adorned with a sinister face, this kit oozes the ruthless aura of Berserk’s grim protagonist.

Do you know the best part? You can make it all by yourself. As a part of Good Smile’s recent line “Plamatea” you will have to assemble and paint the model yourself. Masato Oshima’s sculpt’ captures the intensity of Guts’ face, his teeth gritted in fury beneath the helmet.

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Max Factory delivers an impressive Berserk model kit


As an influential dark fantasy series, Berserk continues to inspire new generations of fans decades after its debut. Max Factory adds to their Berserk lineup with this magnificent Berserker Armor Guts kit.

No Berserk figure collection will be complete next year without this ferocious armor-clad protagonist model kit. Stay tuned for preorders opening soon!

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