Baldur’s Gate 3 players are struggling with inventory chaos after shared stash update

Jake Nichols
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Baldur’s Gate 3’s latest update has left players dealing with a cluttered inventory, with some claiming that the new shared stash feature is “ruining the game.

Another Baldur’s Gate 3 patch has arrived, this time with several anticipated features and improvements, including the Magic Mirror, allowing players to change their character’s appearance, and the addition of Mac support.

However, one seemingly minor change to inventory management has left many players frustrated. After Patch 3, key items from dismissed party members are now automatically transferred to the main character, leading to a cluttered and unmanageable inventory for some players.

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The shared stash update was intended to ensure that story items and characters in the inventory of dismissed party members would properly transfer over to another party member. However, players have been quick to speak up about their dissatisfaction with the new feature.

In a Reddit post with more than 3,700 upvotes, a Baldur’s Gate 3 player expressed their frustration, claiming that the new shared stash feature “has ruined the game” for them. “My main character is not a mule to carry all of companions’ bags and pouches when they’re dismissed from the party,” the player wrote.

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Another player commented on the annoyance of receiving camp supplies and alchemy pouches from characters whenever they are changed out, emphasizing a preference for accessing inventories while in camp without having them in the party instead of playing “hot potato with items.”

“A few players doing a bad job of keeping track of their key items should not mean that the rest of us get punished by having our organization methods disregarded with items swapped automatically any time we want to switch active party characters,” one player agreed. “It’s a bad solution to a problem a small percentage of players imposed on themselves.”

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On the Baldur’s Gate 3 Steam Forums, players are hopeful about the possibility of turning off the new shared stash feature, with many finding it annoying as it leads to the main character getting encumbered with all the items from other companions.

“Why would I want to take on my companions’ keychains, alchemy pouches, camp supplies and various items when I swap party members around in camp? It’s terrible! Please give us an option to go back to what it was before this latest patch (stash sharing-wise),” a player wrote.

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The update seems to be a solution to avoid players losing track of their key items, but it has been criticized as a bad solution to a problem a small percentage of players imposed on themselves. Players suggest that a more user-friendly solution would be to allow access to the inventories of all characters while in camp, regardless of whether they are in the party or not. Or at the very least, an option to toggle the shared stash feature on or off.

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