Baldur’s Gate 3 players want huge QoL changes in their Patch 6 wishlists

Noelle Corbett
Minthara in Baldur's Gate 3Larian Studios

With Patch 6 coming to Baldur’s Gate 3 this week, players are discussing what they want out of the game’s next update.

Last week, Larian Studios announced that Baldur’s Gate 3 is getting a major update soon.

Patch 6 has been described as “hefty,” with known changes including kiss animation improvements and new Legendary Actions in Honor Mode. There are also sure to be bug fixes and other community-requested changes, though we won’t know specifics until the update releases and Larian shares full patch notes.

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In anticipation of Patch 6, Baldur’s Gate 3 fans are sharing what they hope to see from the update, and their requests mostly boil down to quality-of-life fixes.

Astarion and Halsin's improved kiss from Baldur's Gate 3 Patch 6Larian Studios

Baldur’s Gate 3 players hope Patch 6 lets them name backpacks, fixes Shield Bash & more

The conversation was started with a post on the BaldursGate3 subreddit titled “Tell the god of renewal your final patch 6 wishes.”

Currently, the topic comments have to do with the game’s inventory management, which has long been a point of frustration for players.

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Suggestions include additional inventory filters to help more effectively sort items and the option to name backpacks. This would allow players to organize their items accordingly and know what each bag contains before opening it by giving them names like “Explosives,” “Dyes,” or “Gale snacks.”

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There are also some known issues that players hope Patch 6 will resolve. Among the most notable are Shield Bash not working despite the animation playing and a bug with the tiefling child Mol at the Last Light Inn that prevents a key cutscene from playing.

Beyond that, some players hope for improvements to Halsin and Minthara. Patch 5 made it possible to recruit Minthara on a “good” run by knocking her out, but because she and Halsin were originally meant to be mutually exclusive, this has led to issues like them sharing a tent and not acknowledging each other.

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While we don’t know if any of these suggestions will make the cut for Patch 6, considering how many fan-requested changes like the Magic Mirror and Minthara’s recruitment have already been incorporated into Baldur’s Gate 3, there’s a good chance at least some of these will eventually become part of the game.

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