Armored Core 6 extended gameplay preview has fans “beyond hyped”

Carver Fisher
armored core 6 gameplay trailer has fans hyped

FromSoftware gave fans an extended look at Armored Core 6 in an extended gameplay preview, with new information on the title only building up the hype for one of the year’s most anticipated games.

Armored Core 6 is FromSoftware’s attempt at reviving a long-dormant franchise from deep in the highly esteemed developer’s history.

Since pivoting to dark RPGs like the Souls games and Elden Ring, FromSoft seems to be taking the lessons they’ve learned from years worth of experience to give the cult classic franchise another shot after over a decade of the Armored Core series lying dormant.

Following the release of a trailer that provides a closer look at the core gameplay of Armored Core 6, both longtime fans of the series and people along for the ride due to their love for other FromSoftware games are “beyond hyped” for the upcoming release.

Armored Core 6 fires of rubicon gameplay

Armored Core 6 extended gameplay preview leaves fans in awe

For more recent FromSoftware fans, older games from the long-standing studio’s library may look entirely different. Case and point, the Armored Core games have a more traditional, mission-based design and a central storyline that differs greatly from the open-ended structure people have grown accustomed to with more recent titles from them.

Nonetheless, the prestige gained from the studio due to their Game of the Year winning titles like Sekiro and Elden Ring as well as the timeless hit that has been the Dark Souls series has given those unfamiliar with the series reason to check out the latest entry.

Those who have kept up with pre-release coverage are incredibly happy with what they’ve seen so far, with old fans reminiscing on their favorite moments from the series and new fans ready to hop in for the first time.

Comments on the extended gameplay preview don’t have a hint of negativity, with those who were there for the reveal’s premiere blown away by what they’ve seen so far.

“I am beyond hype at this point. I cannot wait for this game to come out. It looks stunning.” commented one user. Meanwhile, those who hadn’t heard of the series up until this point are sold on things like its movement mechanics, sense of scale, and soundtrack.

The trailer featured everything from one-on-one mech battles to taking down a massive mech that towers hundreds of stories tall in an impressive display with tons of variety to the environments players can explore.

One of the top comments on the video leaves things on a bit more of a somber note: “A salute, to the Ravens who are no longer with us to see this.” With how long the series has been dormant, there are older fans who are simultaneously elated to have a new game in series and saddened when remembering their friends who aren’t around to play it.

With FromSoftware having won many a game of the year award in both 2019 and 2022, it remains to be seen if Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon can capture that same essence that carried their other work to the top of gaming world.