Apex Legends players demand nerf to “overpowered” Nemesis AR

Wraith Nemesis AR Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment

Apex Legends players are desperate for Respawn to nerf the “overpowered” Nemesis AR and have already suggested ways of balancing the weapon.

Season 16 of Apex Legends introduced the TDM mode, reworked Legend classes, and an improved Firing Range.

However, out of the additions, it’s the Nemesis AR that’s had the biggest impact on the overall meta thanks to its overwhelming firepower.

This burst weapon deals lethal damage at long range and has minimal recoil, so it’s extremely easy to land every single bullet.

As a result, the community wants to see Respawn hit the “overpowered” Nemesis with major nerfs, and have even come up with the best solution to keep it balanced.

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Nemesis AR new weapon Apex LegendsRespawn Entertainment
The Apex Legends community wants a major nerf to the Nemesis AR.

Apex Legends players think “no recoil” Nemesis AR needs nerf

Taking to Reddit on February 17, user Intrepid-Event-2243 decided to ask the community whether they think the Nemesis is “overpowered” and how they would nerf the gun.

In response, countless players revealed that the biggest problem with the Nemesis is that it “has no recoil and can shred a full shield with one burst”.

Others think they need to completely “rework the rate of fire” as it’s too fast and makes it far too powerful at long range.

It’s clear a lot of pros agree that the Nemesis is too strong, with ImperialHal even labeling the gun as “busted” on a recent stream.

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Out of all the ideas to fix the weapon, reducing the “damage by 1” and making it so it “only charges when hitting the target” was by far the most popular.

This would reward players for being accurate with the gun, instead of just instantly allowing them to ramp up with poorly aimed shots.

It’s clear players want the AR altered to reduce its power, so it’ll be interesting to see if Respawn opts to make changes in the near future, or at a later date.