Among Us devs are planning to add custom map maker for hit game

Andrew Amos
Among Us Polus Map

Innersloth, the developers of hit party game Among Us, have revealed they are planning to potentially add a custom map maker to their hit title, although it will require some major effort before it’s released to players.

Among Us has gone from practically unknown to a household name in gaming in the space of two short months. Innersloth, the three-person team behind it, have been swamped trying to keep up.

They canned the sequel they were planning on making to instead focus on the base game. They want to add crucial quality of life features like accounts, friend lists, and colorblind mode too.

Among Us halloween event
Innersloth has revealed they want to add a custom map maker on the community’s request, but there’s a few obstacles in the way.

However, they’ve also got their eyes on some huge creative projects too. One of those is a custom map maker. Currently, there’s only three maps in Among Us, with a fourth in the pipeline right now. But if players can get their hands on the tools, the possibilities are endless.

There are a few roadblocks in the way of Innersloth’s plan to add it though. First of all, they want to get the game into a more stable state before they add massive new features like this.

“It’s definitely really cool, and we’ve definitely thought about it, but it’s one of those ‘little bit later’ things once we figure things out a lot better,” developer Forest Willard said in an October 1 podcast with Twitch Gaming.

They’d also have to completely overhaul the way they make maps in Among Us. Currently, all the maps are hand-drawn as one big block. There’s no individual assets. Innersloth would have to create the building blocks before they can even think of adding a custom map maker.

“We would provide the assets. We would have to draw walls, boxes, accessories ⁠— basically making Sims maps, being able to build your own house/map. That does take a lot of work,” artist Amy Liu said.

“The maps currently are just completely hand-drawn. There’s no tile sets or anything, so we’d have to completely redo how we do our maps,” added designer Marcus Bromander.

Before a custom map maker hits Among Us, there’s a few new features they intend on adding. Innersloth were aiming to have accounts, colorblind mode, and more sturdy servers in the sequel, but after that was canceled, they are bringing those features over to the original game.

There’s also only so much manpower in a three developer team too. While they’ve enlisted the help of other developers, for now, it’s just Innersloth and a dream.

With Among Us cracking over 60 million users, they’re working on making the experience better for the present before adding these creative new features.

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