All Sekiro endings: How to get good, bad, and best ending

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Sekiro features a variety of endings, each sadder than the last. However, it is possible to save everyone. Here’s how to unlock all 4 of Sekiro’s endings.

As with any FromSoftware game, the player’s actions dictate which ending you unlock in Sekiro. In truth, most Sekiro endings are pretty bleak, with the player needing to make a sacrifice somewhere. However, it’s up to you what that is. While most Sekiro endings are largely open to player interpretation, the game does feature some positive endings.

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Although Sekiro also has 3 other endings, one considered good, neutral, and bad. Here’s how to unlock all endings in Sekiro – naturally, spoilers await ahead.


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Some endings are happier than others in Sekiro.

Shura: Bad ending

Sekiro’s Shura ending is considered the bad ending. It ultimately ends with Sekiro being possessed by a demonic force and letting Kuro die. It’s also the easiest one to get, here’s what you have to do.

Towards the end of the game, you will need to go back to the roof of Ashina Castle. This is where the Genichiro battle took place. You’ll need to do this once you’ve gathered the items to cure the immortal plague. Once you arrive, you’ll find the Great Shinobi Owl from the Hirata estate.

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The Owl will offer you a choice, you can choose to obey the Shinobi iron code and leave Kuro to their fate or break the code to save them. Should you choose to abandon Kuro, you’ll need to fight two bosses, Emma and Isshin. Once they are defeated, the bad ending will play out.

Immortal Severance: Neutral ending

Immortal Severance is the normal, neutral ending that most people will see in their first playthrough of Sekiro. Like above, once you arrive at the Ashina Castle roof, you’ll meet the Owl. This time, however, choose not to forsake Kuro and defeat the Owl in combat.

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In this ending, Kuro will be saved and Sekiro won’t turn to the dark side, but could there be a better conclusion to the story?

Sekiro bossFrom Software
Sekiro’s endings all center around Kuro.

Purification: Good ending

Sekiro’s Purification ending is considered a better ending than Immortal Severance despite it’s bitter-sweet nature, but it’s harder to unlock. To get it, you’ll need to do some additional work. Playing the game in a stealthy manner is also a good way to get this ending, as it involves eavesdropping on a lot of NPCs.

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First, reject the Owl’s offer as if you were heading towards the Immortal Severance ending. Beat the Owl in combat, then head back to Isshin’s dojo across the rooftops of Ashina Castle to where Isshin and Emma are talking and eavesdrop on their conversation.

Now go back to Kuro’s Room and eavesdrop on them. You can do this by hugging the door and hearing them speak freely, which was not intended for your ears. After this, go and talk to Emma at the top of the stairs near Kuro’s room. She will propose an alternative to the neutral ending.

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Unlocking the good ending

Heal up and then talk to Emma a second time to max out her dialogue. Now, fast travel to the Old Grave idol and stick to the left, heading through the arch to where the two graves are located. Emma will be waiting for you here, talk to her again and then fast travel to the Dilapidated Temple.

Head to the sculptor’s abode and stealthily peer through the window to eavesdrop on another secret conversation. Now talk to Emma again to receive a new bell item. This will change the memory of the Hirata Estate to something new.

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With this in mind, head back to the Hirata Estate, kill the two elite enemies and meet with the Owl in the arena where you defeated the Lady Butterfly boss. The Owl has learned some new tricks since your last encounter, so don’t underestimate them.

Once the Owl is defeated again, you will be given an Everblossom branch item that you can use on Kuro to trigger the purification ending.

sekiro snake

Return: Best ending

This ending is easier to unlock than the Purification ending, but still features some additional work. Once again, choose not to forsake Kuro and defeat the Owl in battle. However, to unlock the Return ending you’ll need to get three Great Serpent hearts and feed them to the Divine Child, this way they can serve as a cradle for Kuro once they lose their immortality, meaning Kuro can survive their purification.

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Finding the first Serpent Heart

First warp to Senpou Temple and head right. You’ll spot a monk standing on the bridge. If you explore to the left of the monk, you’ll discover a kite mechanism guarded by a rat monster. By this point, you should have acquired the Puppeteer Ninjutsu skill after defeating the Folding Screen Monkeys boss. Use the skill on rat boy to have him fly the kite for you. This will create a shortcut across the chasm for you to take.

After that, head through Senpou until you find the old woman who wants some rice. To her left, there will be a tree that you can use to grapple across to the valley area. Head through the valley until you come to the massive drop that’s guarded by the Great Serpent. He’s chilling and won’t notice you if you’re stealthy. Send him to the great beyond to collect your first heart item.

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Finding the second Serpent Heart

Fast travel to the Bodhisvatta Valley idol, where you defeated the Guardian Ape boss. Then, head through the poison area instead of entering the arena. You’ll find the Toxic Memorial Mob vendor and a cave nearby. He’ll warn you not to enter – but do anyway.

Stealthily sneak through the cave until you see the giant snake. Drop down to the left where the dancing monkey is hanging out. Use Deathblow and puppeteer ninjutsu on the monkey, this will get the big snake’s attention and cause him to move towards it. An area will appear behind the snake once it moves, allowing you to claim your second Serpent Heart.

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Sekiro from Sekiro Shadows Die TwiceFromSoftware
Sekiro is a ninja who uses stealth and fighting skills to survive.

Finding the final Serpent Heart

Fast travel to the Temple Grounds idol and head down and then to the left. You’ll see a large pool of water. Use the Mibu technique to breathe underwater and dive in to pick up the item at the bottom. The aim here is to pick up a mysterious scroll, however, you may have already picked this up elsewhere in your playthrough, if so, you’ll be rewarded with a prayer bead instead.

Now travel to the Inner Sanctum where the Divine Child is waiting and give her the scroll. Follow her into the Hall of Illusions and talk to her again. You may need to rest to get her to move.

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She’ll tell you to go into the cave next to the Main Hall of the Senpou Temple. Once you’re there, approach the big drop, and turn around to find a secret route. In here you’ll find a skeleton in a purple robe holding an item. Take this and give it to the Divine Child for her to give you the final Serpent Heart. She’ll also agree to be Kuro’s cradle.

Now progress through to the final boss like normal, but when prompted, use the Divine Dragon Tears and Frozen Tears on Kuro. This will unlock the Return ending, this way, Sekiro, Kuro, and the Divine Child will all survive the story together – as well as saving the world.

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