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Viral TikTok reveals really easy Forza Horizon money glitch

Published: 12/Nov/2021 21:08

by Dylan Horetski


A viral TikTok has revealed an easily performed Forza Horizon 5 money glitch by making use of the in-game accessibility options. 

Forza Horizon 5 launched November 9, 2021 on PC and Xbox and with it have come quite a few new features. Among those features are a new Mexico-based map and new cars including the Ford Bronco and the MK5 Toyota Supra.

In the days after the game’s release, players have figured out a couple of unknown features. One of the first to be discovered was the ability to mass sell the Willys Jeep for insane amounts of money.

Now, thanks to a viral TikTok, players have now discovered an even easier way to make money by making use of the game’s accessibility options.


forza horizon 5 bmw
Racking up credits is easy if you use this method.

Forza Horizon 5 money glitch

In a video posted by TikToker Forza5, they detail one variation of the ‘glitch.’

The creator explains that in order to take advantage of the extra money, you must pause the game, go to “auto show,” and purchase the Willys Jeep. After purchase, go to “Car Mastery” and purchase everything up to the super wheel spin option.

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While the above details what car you can use, a TikToker by the name of “supra.gaming” uploaded a video that allows you to take the things to the next level. They explain that you can use the in-game difficulty options to have your car drive itself.


In the pause menu, under settings and then difficulty you will want to change these settings:

  • Braking: Assisted
  • Steering: Auto Steering
  • Traction and Stability Control: On
  • Shifting: Automatic

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If you decide to do the second half of this glitch, you can start your favorite race and use a rubber band or hair tie wrapped around your controller to hold the RT button down to accelerate.

Be careful, though, as some of the races on the game start to get a bit long. For example, the Goliath race at 50 laps takes almost 10 hours to finish.