YouTuber ‘NoahJ456’ Hits Insane Game Winning Trick Shot Snipe While Riding a Guided Missile in Fortnite


YouTuber ‘NoahJ456’ continues to display his affection for doing crazy stunts and tricks in Fortnite while rocket riding.

The self-proclaimed “rocket ride god” added to his resume on July 31 with an incredible, game-winning trick shot snipe while riding the newly added Guided Missile.

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The popular YouTuber was playing Fortnite live on his stream when he found himself in an end-game situation near Paradise Palms with only one other player left alive.

After shooting down some of the opponent’s cover, he proceeded to launch a Guided Missile and jump on it, leading him to the point where he hit the game-winning snipe.

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The degree of difficulty of NoahJ’s stunt is rather high, considering that he had to hit the snipe while moving laterally away from the opponent at a relatively high speed.

Furthermore, the attempt was risky because if he had missed, there is no telling where he would have ended up and what kind of fall damage he would have taken.

However, he did not miss, as his snipe hit the enemy player cleanly, with the new slow motion Victory Royale animation kicking in right at the end.

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Perhaps the best part of the entire video was the reaction at the end; after hitting the shot he could do nothing but yell maniacally and run around in excitement.

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“OH MY GOD! I am the rocket ride god ladies and gentlemen. You will never see something like that ever again in your life baby. Let’s freaking go!”

As mentioned previously, NoahJ is known for his crazy rocket riding stunts in Fortnite; before the Guided Missile had been vaulted, he had managed to travel from one corner of the map to the other by just riding rockets.