YouTuber IShowSpeed breaks desk & sings after stream sniper ruins Fortnite match

IShowSpeed breaks desk in fortniteYouTube/IShowSpeed

Popular YouTuber IShowSpeed was so livid after stream snipers kept interfering with his Fortnite match that he broke his desk and started singing a bizarre Ellie Goulding and Miley Cyrus mashup.

iShowSpeed has been growing as one of the biggest rising stars on YouTube and infamously found himself banned on Twitch at the end of 2021 after a sexist outburst.

With over 5.5 million subscribers on the platform, Speed has made quite a name for himself, but sadly, fame doesn’t come without its fair share of negatives, including stream snipers.

During a February 27 broadcast, the streamer found himself battling stream snipers hellbent on ruining his Fortnite match and they set him off right over the edge.

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iShowSpeed angry at fortniteYouTube/iShowSpeed
IShowSpeed lost it at stream snipers.

IShowSpeed destroys desk and starts singing

As the steamer touched down onto the battlefield, he immediately found himself under fire from snipers.

“Ya’ll are weird, bro,” he said while taking a duel against a foe. “Stop stream sniping, bro. The hell you doing?”

Following this, Speed found himself in a one-on-one in close quarters against an opponent where he ended up losing. This infuriated the YouTuber who began to rain fists down onto his desk, seemingly damaging his equipment.

(Segment begins at 1:26:20 for mobile users)

What made it even weirder was that immediately after, he began singing Miley Cyrus’ hit ‘Wrecking Ball’ and Ellie Goulding’s ‘Burn’ simultaneously.

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Luckily, it seems like he was either able to repair his stream or had some spare equipment because he returned the next day.

Still, he may want to think twice before he rages on stream, as it gives stream snipers exactly the reaction they were looking for.