'NotVivid' and 'Liquid Poach' Win the $500K Fortnite 'Summer Skirmish' Week Five Tournament - Recap, Highlights, and Final Placements - Dexerto

‘NotVivid’ and ‘Liquid Poach’ Win the $500K Fortnite ‘Summer Skirmish’ Week Five Tournament – Recap, Highlights, and Final Placements

Published: 11/Aug/2018 0:54 Updated: 11/Aug/2018 1:53

by Albert Petrosyan


Defending champion ‘NotVivid’ and Team Liquid pro player ‘Poach’ have won the $500K Fortnite ‘Summer Skirmish’ Week Five tournament, securing the $75,000 grand prize.

The pair finished out on top of the standings after eight matches, with Ghost Gaming’s ‘Dmo’ and ‘Bizzle’ coming in second, followed by their Ghost roster teammates ‘Saf’ and ‘Ghoul.’

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Before reading the rest of the recap, make sure to brush up on the scoring format for this week’s competition:

King Pin

Teams will be ranked on a Contest Leaderboard based on their current points. Victory Royales and Eliminations in this competition will be scored to determine placement, score, and multipliers during the event. The top 20 players at the end of the 8 games will be awarded. In the case of a tie, players will be scored on a tiebreaker system. 


Teams will be ranked on the Leaderboard based on the following scoring system:




* These multipliers do not stack and only last for the next game. For example, an 8 elimination game with a victory royale would only grant a x3 multiplier to points for next game, not a x5 multiplier for next game.

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With NotVivid and Poach placing first and second in the Week Four tournament respectively, their decision to team up this week immediately made them one of the heavy favorites.


That proved to be for good measure as the pair played consistently well throughout, accumulating 50 points. 

Their victory in Match 5 gave them a 3x Elimination Bonus for Match 6, allowing them to double their overall score and build a strong lead atop the standings.

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Ghost Gaming pro duo Dmo and Bizzle came in second place with 36 points, but an astonishing 24 of them came in the eighth and final match thanks to the 3x Elimination Bonus they had earned by winning Match 7.

That dropped their Ghost peers Saf and Ghoul down to third with 34 points. Coming into the final match, Saf and Ghoul had been in second place thanks to their victory in Match 2, which gave them a 3x Bonus for Match Three.


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Final Top-20 Placements (Day One)

Individual Match Results

The full finalized placement list for all of the players can be found by clicking the link below:

Summer Skirmish Week 5 Tournament Final Standings (Day One)

The Fortnite Summer Skirmish is an 8-week series of competitions where Epic Games will be awarding a total of $8 million in prize money. The competition features a variety of content creators, popular pro players, and top performers from previous in-game events. 

This $500K tournament was only the first of two for this week’s ‘Summer Skirmish’ event; the second tournament is scheduled to be played on August 11 but will feature a different group of competitors.

For the list of Friday’s participants, along with more details about the format, ruleset, and prize pool breakdow, visit our dedicated hub below