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Where are the Fortnite Season 11 teasers?

Published: 11/Oct/2019 8:30 Updated: 11/Oct/2019 18:36

by David Purcell


UPDATE – Epic Games have finally released the Fortnite Battle Royale is on the brink of entering Season 11 with the game’s next major update just around the corner, but there’s been something very unusual about the buildup – a severe lack of teasers. 

Those who regularly drop from the Battle Bus into Epic Games’ popular battle royale game will know that the developers have been quick to throw out a handful of teasing images before the start of every season, in order to ramp up the anticipation. 

However, while during the course of Season 10 we might have been given hint after hint that a rocket is going to take off at the very end (October 13), there’s been no clear picture about where the destination will be for players in the future. 

Epic GamesRemember the Season 10 teasers? There’s been nothing like that for Fortnite Season 11 yet.
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Rumours had been circulating among dataminers and fans that the next update could very well see a brand new Fortnite map emerge – something that’s never happened before, but some sections of its fanbase have been calling for it for a considerable amount of time. 

Whether or not that comes to fruition or not remains to be seen, and even that’s due to a lack of teasers! 

The Visitor has been dropping a number of mysterious tape recordings around the map towards the end of the season – a possible hint towards new content – but it’s difficult to say where those clues are going just yet. They definitely are connected to the rocket project at Dusty Depot, though.

Epic GamesVisitor tape recordings have been found dotted around the map.
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In previous seasons, there have been four teasers released on Twitter by Fortnite’s official account, revealing some clues about what is about to happen. Yet, it looks almost certain that this isn’t going to happen this time around. 

The other loading screen, seen below, seems to show a revamped Battle Bus dropping players off at an island. Again, there’s a chance that this is a hint towards a new map, but that’s merely speculation at this stage. 

Epic GamesNew Battle Bus and island coming to Fortnite?
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Epic Games have been uncharacteristically silent about upcoming developments in their game, leaving fans wondering what the next season could hold. One theory about this approach that’s gained some traction on social media has come from data miner ShiinaBR. 

They have suggested that the developers could be about to start Season 11 right after the upcoming rocket event, where many players will already be playing the game at that time – moving from event, to downtime, then to a new update. 

This would also prevent leaks spoiling the result of the event ahead of schedule, too, so it’s not entirely out of the question. Pulling it off smoothly, however, would be a challenge. 

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During Season 10 we saw a number of Rift Beacons change the map drastically on numerous occasions, but will the next step be a new map next? 

At the time of writing, it’s looking increasingly unlikely that teasers are coming soon. We’ll have to wait and see.