When will the frustrating Fortnite pickaxe weak spot bug be fixed?

Brad Norton
Fortnite pickaxe into a weak spot
Epic Games

The Fortnite community has grown frustrated over a pickaxe bug that slows down the process of gathering materials. Epic Games is well aware of the issue, but just when will it be fixed?

Since the transition to a new physics engine through Fortnite’s 11.50 update, players have been unable to gather building materials as efficiently as before. 

A number of game-breaking issues have risen to the surface since the transition, even fundamental aspects of Fortnite’s core gameplay loop have been impacted and as a result, could cost even the most experienced veterans their next win.

Epic Games
Gathering resources have become a more arduous process due to the bug.

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What is the issue?

The outcome of a Fortnite match can be determined purely by the number of building materials a player has at their disposal during a late-game fight. Therefore, stacking resources is a pivotal aspect of gameplay in Epic’s battle royale.

Targetting weak points on various surfaces while using the pickaxe is supposed to provide a faster means of acquiring resources. However, since the update, weak points have not been working as intended. 

Rather than dealing an increased amount of damage to the surface and breaking it at essentially twice the speed of an ordinary swing, a new bug makes the weak points all but useless.

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When will it be fixed?

While the issue has been prevalent across seemingly all platforms since the update on February 5, the complication appears too big to resolve with a quick hotfix. 

Instead, Epic Games indicated that the frustrating bug will be removed from the game in the next Fortnite patch.

“We’re aware that Weak Point hits while harvesting aren’t always registering,” a February 8 statement outlined. “This will be resolved in our next release.”

While no clear date has been provided as to when the next patch may be released, it could be likely the issue is wiped out with the Season 2 update on February 20.

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Not the only issue that has been frustrating the Fortnite community of late, the transition to a brand new physics engine has come with a number of unintended complications.

From players being able to phase through walls to motorboats sinking under the map, there’s certainly a great deal for Epic to resolve in the next major patch.