When does Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 start? Season 1 end date

by Albert Petrosyan
Epic Games


Fortnite Battle Royale fans might be expecting to see Chapter 2's debut season to come to an end pretty soon, although a major leak has hinted at yet another delay for Season 2. Here's everything we know. 

The release of Chapter 2 was really a game-changer in so many ways. Not only did it introduce a whole new map, but it also gave the game's developers a clean slate.

Epic stripped Fortnite down to a barebones version not too dissimilar from the game's early stages back in early 2018. A limited weapon and item pool, only one vehicle, and fewer named locations on the map.


Therefore, it was only fitting that Epic decided to call the first installment of Chapter 2 Season 1, not 11. A lot of the extravagant or 'over the top' content from Season 10 was stripped away.

The first season of this chapter has seen the introduction of lightsabers for a Star Wars event, the return of vaulted weapons and LTMs for Winterfest seasonal challenges, but fans will now be wondering what's coming next in the free-to-play title?

Below, you can find details about when Season 1 will be wrapping up and giving way to Season 2.

Epic Games
Epic Games
With Winterfest now out of the way, what will Epic Games do next?


When does Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 1 end?

At first, there was an expectancy among fans that the season would end near Christmas, sparking a holiday event and winter-themed map changes.

Yet, Epic neatly put that idea to bed with a shock announcement back in November. Season 1 was extended until "February 2020" – the longest extension in the game's short history.

There has been some conflict in reports regarding the actual start date among data miners, but early February seemed to be somewhat of a consensus. However, it appears now – thanks to a leak from HYPEX – that the end of the season could be later than fans might have expected.


While the end date reported by HYPEX is still unconfirmed, there's no doubt that they're one of the most accurate leakers around for the battle royale game and the date certainly make sense (February 20) in some respects.

Season 1 has a total of four weeks of Overtime Challenges, which would take us up to February 6. It's likely therefore that the new season could start either on this date, or shortly after.


When will Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 start?

The official delay made it pretty unclear as to when exactly Season 2 will start up. If it's like most of the seasons before it, the new season will begin the same day the previous ends.

However, that hasn't always been the case. Season X ended on a Sunday but it took nearly two whole days before Season 1 of Chapter 2 launched.

While that's unlikely to happen at the start of Season 2, you should always expect the unexpected when it comes to Epic Games.

Furthermore, a new season has never started on a Sunday in Fortnite history, as most of the launch dates have been either Tuesday or Thursday, with a couple of Fridays sprinkled for the early seasons.

Epic Games
Epic Games
Season 7, which was during last winter, started on December 6.

Will there be an in-game event to start Season 2?

In-game events have become a tradition Epic Games use to wrap up an old season and kick-start a new one. While The End will go down as the biggest, others that have dictated the direction of the new season.

As far as Chapter 2: Season 2 goes, there will likely be some sort of spectacle at the start of it, although it's hard to tell at this point with it still being so early in Season 1.

If there is going to be an event, the first indication will come from the game-files that data-miners find and leak. Then we'll get actual in-game clues such as map changes and countdown timers.

With the Star Wars and Winterfest events now history, it frees up around a month's worth of time for Epic to start progressively dropping hints towards the next season's story.

That is all of the information that's currently available regarding the ending of Season 1 and start of Season 2.