Fortnite players are swimming under the map with new bug

by Connor Bennett
Epic Games


A strange new bug saw a Fortnite player dropped right into a fresh issue as they attempted to start up a boat but ended up falling through the map.

Even though there were huge levels of hype surrounding the start of Fortnite Chapter 2, players had been pretty starved of content in season one compared to previous years.

Many fans – both causal and well-known – spoke out about the issue before Epic dropped the surprise news about the game moving to Unreal Engine’s Chaos physics system, marking one a major change to what players have come to know. However, while Epic tries to work out the kinks with the new system, players are encountering plenty of game-breaking issues.

Fortnite motorboat speeds through water
Epic Games
Boats joined the Fortnite ranks with the start of Chapter 2 but the new physics engine system is playing havoc.


On February 6, Reddit user Vexinal showcased a video from one of their recent solo games where they had been traveling across the land using a boat. Now, earlier in Chapter 2, this had been no issue – even though the boats work much better while on the water. 

Yet, as Vexinal used one to blow open a part of a house so that they could start looting, it was the start of some issues. After trying to hop back into the boat, the Redditor found themselves only going downwards – phasing right through the floor of the house and they start floating out of the map.

However, it wasn’t exactly instant death that greeted them. Instead, they were given a brief chance to swim about before the game eliminated them in pretty spectacular but buggy fashion.


Now, with the launch of any new engine or physics system, there are going to be bumps along the way and Epic have seemingly already been made aware of issues with boats – responding to a number of other wild issues.

How long it takes for everything to get fixed, though, is a different story altogether and fans will no doubt be hoping that it doesn’t take too long.