Game-breaking Fortnite emote glitch could cost you your next victory

by Brad Norton


A newly discovered bug in Fortnite is making players regret their emotes more than ever before as your next dance could cost you the match.

Emotes are usually fun little animations that players can use in the heat of the moment to express themselves without actually speaking. Whether you just styled on an enemy or simply wanted to dance with some friends, there’s an emote for every possible situation.

Unfortunately, these whimsical unlocks have been the source of a frustrating new glitch, as players have nearly been taken out of action while trying to emote.

Fortnite Emote collection.
Epic Games
There are dozens of emotes in Fortnite that could bug out the next time you use them.


While certain emote pairings don’t mix all too well with various skins in Fortnite, previous glitches have been strictly visual and still allowed players to complete their current match.

A new game-breaking issue showcased by Reddit user ‘millk_man,’ revealed just how emotes can actually lose you a match in the popular battle royale.

Having just dropped into Retail Row, the player was fast enough to snag some early-game loot and quickly shut down an enemy. Immediately selecting the ‘Switchstep’ emote to flex on their competition, things suddenly went awry. 


Seemingly glued to the floor for a period of time, the player was unable to move whatsoever after triggering the emote. Only able to turn the camera around while the glitch was in effect, their weapons even disappeared as well.

Perhaps it was karma for trying to gloat on an enemy, but fortunately, the game eventually gave control back after roughly 10 seconds of being frozen in place.

There’s no quite telling whether certain emotes trigger this bizarre glitch or if the issue occurs across the board with all emotes in the game today. One thing is certain though: if you want to dab on opponents, make sure you’re surrounded by cover so you can’t be taken out while the glitch plays out.

Fortnite character dying
Epic Games
Emote at the risk of your own downfall in Fortnite until the glitch is fixed.


Recently, the Jellie skin was a target of emote-related glitches, though they were far less harmful than the game-breaking issue currently facing emotes.

Epic is yet to comment on the bug so there’s no indicating when a patch may be on the way to resolve the crisis. For the time being, however, you may want to steer clear of emotes altogether, as fun as they can be in-game.