When is custom matchmaking coming to Fortnite? Epic Games share promising news

Albert Petrosyan

Publicly available custom matchmaking is a step closer to making its debut in Fortnite Battle Royale after Epic Games announced some exciting news on February 6.

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Melissa Dingmon of Epic Games has revealed that, for a limited time, they will be giving certain Fortnite content creators access to their test servers for custom matchmaking.

“We will be experimentally opening up access to Fortnite’s custom matchmaking to test our services with a limited number of Creators,” she tweeted.

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As for who exactly will be given access has not yet been disclosed, but all those who are given access will, in all likelihood, be official members of Epic’s ‘Support a Creator’program. 

This is the first news related to custom games since Epic first added a button for custom matchmaking to the main lobby screen nearly a year ago. 

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Custom matchmaking has been something that players and content creators have been asking for nearly as long as the game’s actually been out.

While the additions of the Playground and Creative modes have somewhat satisfied those cravings, custom games would take the Fortnite experience to a whole new level.

Although the exact details for how it will work have yet to be announced, this will presumably allow the selected creators to test it out with members of their respective stream communities. 

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This was one of two major announcements that Epic Games made for content creators on February 6, following the news that Epic will be quadrupling the payout for creators.

This means that those who are in the Support a Creator program will now receive $20 per 10,000 V-Bucks spent in Fortnite and 20% of sales from the Epic Games store.

This increase in payout will be effective from February 8-22, which could also be the dates for when the custom matchmaking becomes available to some.