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TSM’s Daequan Gets Hit With Instant Karma After Being Too Cocky During Friday Fortnite Tournament

Published: 30/Jun/2018 13:11 Updated: 7/Oct/2018 10:34

by Calum Patterson



TSM Player Daequan “Daequan” Loco took top 12 in the most recent Fortnite Friday tournament with his duo and fellow TSM teammate Juan “CaMiLLs” Camilla, and is considered one of the top players in the game.

However, that didn’t stop him being fooled by a player camping in a building with nothing but a trap – as Daequan was hit with instant karma after he danced on his opponents body.

The duo are one of two teams from the Team SoloMid lineup taking part in the weekly tournaments, with Ali “Myth” Kabbani and Darryle “Hamlinz” Hamlin also partnering up.

In addition to the popular content creators, there are a number of these ‘professional’ Fortnite players competing in the tournament, partly as practice for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup which is set to focus on duo and solo matches, rather than squads (teams of four).


But what makes Fortnite so popular is its accessibility to players of varying skill levels, and this clip from one of Daequan’s matches in the June 29th tournament exemplifies this perfectly.

Feeling extra confident, Daequan spots an enemy cowering in one of the small shelters dotted around the map and decided to execute the spike move, laying the floor of the shelter with the deadly item.

Feeling rather chuffed with his ingenuity, Daequan performs a smug dance for his thousands of viewers before moving in to loot his fallen foe – who has a trap of their own laying in wait.

Thankfully CaMiLLs was nearby to immediately revive his teammate, and the duo did go on to win the match and send their opponents AlmightySneaky and Pack A Puncher to the losers bracket.

The pair went on to win their next match before falling to eventual runners up, FaZe Clan players Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Dennis “Cloak” Lepore, and were then surprisingly beaten in the losers bracket by YouTubers Kwebbelkop and LDYoung.

You can watch Daequan streaming professional level Fortnite almost daily on his Twitch Channel.


Tfue teases Fortnite return after huge Season 5 update

Published: 2/Dec/2020 16:09

by David Purcell


Fortnite Battle Royale’s Season 5 update might well have tempted Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney into returning to the battle royale, after the creator dropped a big teaser on social media. 

Epic Games rolled out a bumper new patch on December 2, following the huge Galactus event to seal the end for Season 4. Since that time, we have discovered major changes in the game — including new online quests to replace challenges, Mythic Items, and a new currency called Gold Bars.

With the majority of the community excited about those changes, things might be about to get ever better — as Tfue has hinted at an incoming stream on the game.

You know what that means… It could finally sneak back onto his daily Twitch schedule — or not!

Fortnite gold bars
Epic Games
There’s new Quests, Bounties and other things for Tfue to explore.

Tfue Fortnite stream?

On December 2, the former Fortnite esports star — who even competed in the World Cup — has set out the terms fans need to follow to get him back playing. It’s quite simple, too.

He tweeted: “Use code “Tfue” and I’ll stream Fortnite tomorrow.”

Whether or not the player will be looking to stream it for hours on end, or just a brief period of time, remains to be seen. One thing is for sure, though, the new patch certainly is jam-packed with new content to work through.

In October, the streamer revealed two years was too much for him to stick to one game. He said: “Two years of cranking 90s was just too much. I had to spice it up and play other things. Plus, I felt like I milked the game so much that, like, me playing it was almost digging myself into a pit.”

Fortnite’s latest update is very much up and running now though, with a number of further changes are expected. New loot bosses are expected to drop alongside The Mandalorian at different locations throughout the season, which will keep the majority of people occupied.

Will Tfue be part of that? We’ll have to wait and see.