TSM Myth’s Tournament Strategy at Fortnite Pro-Am Went Horribly Wrong

Popular streamer and professional Fortnite player for Team SoloMid Ali “Myth” Kabbani set out with one very specific challenge in mind at the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament – but it didn’t quite work out.

The Fortnite Pro-Am celebrity tournament saw 50 ‘influencers’ and 50 celebrities compete in duo’s for a massive $3 million charity prize pool, taking place at E3 2018.

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The event was a huge success, providing a taster of what the future may hold for competitive Fortnite, as well as showcasing some of the top talents currently.

The eventual winners, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins with his partner DJ/producer Marshmello played brilliantly in the final match, with Ninja cementing himself as not only the most popular Fortnite streamer but also one of the best players.

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Myth himself is also considered on of the best, and would have hoped to show off his finest skills on the big stage – but it didn’t quite work out for him, as he was eliminated in the most unfortunate circumstances.

After taking a lot of damage from a Ninja thrown C4 hit him, and with such little health remaining, he fell to his death – the one thing he didn’t want to happen.

“The one thing that I don’t want to do is die to fall damage, I have a record for doing that so…”

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Myth had even tweeted before the tournament started saying how much he desperately wanted to avoid dying to fall damage. Some might say he jinxed himself.

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But as well all know, despite his best efforts, the curse of fall damage was hanging over Myth once again, at this point becoming a bit of a meme.

He also took to Twitter following the tournament to explain exactly how it happened, as the observer on the stream just cut away from Myth’s POV shortly before he went down.

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As Myth refers to, the announcement of the Fortnite World Cup was perhaps the biggest news to come out of the Pro-Am tournament, and Myth will be looking forward to the qualifiers in order to start his competitive Fortnite journey.

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For Myth and all the other Fortnite esports players, this was the big announcement they had been waiting for – he just needs to work on avoiding fall damage and he should have a good shot.