TSM Dakotaz outlines what he’d like to see change in Fortnite

Even though Epic Games just switched up the Fortnite meta by removing the Glider Re-Deploy feature, Team SoloMid streamer Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman wants to see even more changes soon.

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Just a day after saying that he felt Fortnite “is really not that good anymore,” Dakotaz has shared a long list of things that he wants to be worked on next.

He looks to be pleased with the removal of the Glider Re-Deploy but clearly has a lot more in mind for the future of the popular game.

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The majority of the items on Dakotaz’ list focus on bringing back items or features that were previously in the game but have been changed or tweaked over time.

One of the biggest changes he requests is one that is currently being tested in the Scavenger Pop-Up Cup limited tournament. 

In that mode, players receive 50 health (or shields if they’re at full health) when eliminating opponents. It’s a feature that has been widely praised since being discovered in the V6.30 patch notes

Dakotaz is clearly among that group with his request that it be added to main game. 

Epic Games
Dakotaz wants Epic Games to “make shotguns great again.”

Dakotaz also mentions trap damage, which is something that isn’t discussed as much anymore but was once a hot topic of discussion. 

He’d like to see the damage brought back down to its levels before a hotfix in June raised it to the current level of 150. 

No wishlist would be complete, of course, without the mention of the current state of shotguns, as many feel they’re far too inconsistent to be viable. Dakotaz suggests raising either the overall damage or at least raising headshot damage.

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Dakotaz also followed up his list with one more point about the Glider Re-Deploy possibly being brought back as a legendary item with a specific number of charges. 

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With many heavily valuing his opinion, it’s no surprise to see his Tweet getting hundreds of replies shortly after being posted. 

Epic Games is known to look closely at the feedback from the community and they’re surely keeping an eye on what Dakotaz had to say for future updates.