TSM Myth tries Fortnite on console to give his verdict on Aim Assist debate


After Ninja suggested that players using controllers on PC should have no aim-assist, a debate sparked in the community with lots of top players involved, the latest being TSM’s Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani.

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NICKMERCS, who uses a controller himself and is regarded as one of the very best, argued that “anyone with a brain” knows that using a controller puts you at a serious disadvantage vs keyboard and mouse “in the grand scheme.”

FaZe Clan pro Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney also sided with NICKMERCS, saying that Fortnite without aim assist for controller players would not be enjoyable, concluding “dude, just give them aim assist.”

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So, in an effort to educate himself on the ways of controller Fortnite, before giving his verdict on the aim assist debate, Myth decided to plug in an Xbox One controller and give it a shot.

After some time with the controller, which included some impressive kills with the hand cannon among others, Myth gave his first impressions.

“Listen, I’mma tell you right now, you console players, y’all on some bullshit. I’mma keep it one hundred with you.”

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However, at the end of his session with the controller, his opinions on aiming with assistance became more clear. 

Myth believes that while aiming is still easier and more precise with a mouse, ‘tracking’ opponents is made easier on console due to the aim assist.

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“All I’m saying is that this [controller], makes tracking easy. You can track better with this, than you can with a mouse. Tracking – not aiming – tracking. [Controller] is easier to track with, not aiming. Mouse wins aiming.”

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Epic Games recently announced that Fortnite would be supporting native keyboard and mouse inputs on Xbox One, which will put players into lobbies with other keyboard and mouse players only.

However, when using a controller on PC, there are no separated lobbies, meaning keyboard and mouse players (with no aim assist) will occasionally come up against a controller opponent, which is what kicked off the debate initially.

Xbox One will get native keyboard and mouse support for Fortnite on November 14.

Epic Games’ decision making when it comes to player inputs is more focused on attracting the most players possible, and not excluding anyone based on their input preferences, which is partly why it reached a record breaking concurrent player count of 8 million, earlier in November.

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