Titled Towers skate park is another reason Fortnite needs a save build option

. 4 years ago

A very creative Fortnite fan designed and built an entire skate park in the middle of Tilted Towers, putting the new Chiller Trap to good use – just another example of why a ‘save build’ option is needed.

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When Epic Games first added the Playground mode to Fortnite, they voiced their excitement of seeing what crazy builds the community would come up with.

The mode grants extra building resources, respawns and no enemies, plus an hour worth of playtime – giving players plenty of opportunity to let their Fortnite creativity flow.

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But, despite Epic Games encouraging players to create intricate and complicated designs, they have never implemented an option to save the build or game state.

This means that once time runs down, whatever masterpieces players have architected will be lost forever – including this incredible skate park design.

Shared by u/notnellaf or Reddit, the Chiller Traps emulate the motion of a skateboarder riding around, as they hit the rails and ramps all perfectly linked together.

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The ability to save maps could also open a whole new avenue of community engagement, perhaps even having the best fan created maps available to play on in a special playlist.

Another issue is the timer, because although a full hour is generous, it is also restrictive for players with more grand designs in mind. The creator this skate park even explained how they were pressured for time, and had to cut some building time in order to capture it in use to share.

Unfortunately, having unlimited time in Playground mode would likely place unsustainable strain on the Fortnite servers – but perhaps an offline mode could be feasible.

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