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Tfue has an idea to balance Rift-to-Go in Fortnite

Published: 6/Oct/2018 23:20 Updated: 6/Oct/2018 23:39

by Vincent Genova


Fortnite’s Rift-to-Go is causing controversy among the professional community with some complaining the item is too powerful.

When the item is deployed, it immediately sends players into the air and in Skydiving mode, allowing them to quickly escape any situation.

FaZe Clan’s Tfue believes the Rift-to-Go is too powerful since it can be used instantly.

“I think Rift-to-Go should have a five second timer to deploy,” explained Tfue while discussing ways to balance the item.

He believes its current state should not be the intention of Rift-to-Go, saying, “the Rift-to-Go should be more of a transport equipment instead of a panic item.”


Rift-to-Go was introduced in Fortnite’s 5.3 patch on August 23.

Epic may have attempted to balance the Rift-to-Go by keeping the item open for 10 seconds after use, allowing anyone else in the area to follow the player that initially used it.

However, in high-level competition, there is rarely an opportunity – or benefit – to follow someone into the Rift.