This Simple Fortnite: Battle Royale Concept Would be a Huge Help for Tracking Ammo Count

A Fortnite: Battle Royale Reddit user came up with a simple, yet effective in-game concept which would allow players to see how much ammo they had left in their clip.

Since its release in 2017, it is hard to argue that any other title can match up with the success of Fortnite: Battle Royale at the time of writing, with the game becoming a worldwide phenomenon in such a short period of time.

While some may appreciate in-game features such as unique graphics, a one-of-a-kind building system, and fun-to-use items, others praise the fact that Fortnite continuously receives updates from Epic Games to ensure the best gaming experience possible.

Community members provide consistent feedback to the developer on a wide range of different topics and aspects of Fortnite, which have been seriously taken into account by Epic Games, and sometimes even implemented.

Although Fortnite has undergone a collection of major changes over the course of its lifespan to upgrade certain features, some have questioned if the possibility of being able to view how many rounds a player has left in their clip will ever be introduced

With this in mind, a Reddit user by the name of Heheas posted a very simple concept on the FortniteBR subreddit that would show how many bullets a player has left in the HUD menu which could be a huge help to some.

Image: Heheas – Reddit

Even though the post currently has over 6,900 ‘upvotes’ at the time of writing, the concept has been somewhat criticized by those that believe the HUD does not need to have more ‘clutter,’ and that the idea would potentially take part of the ‘skill gap’ away.

It is unknown if Epic Games has any plans to introduce such an idea in the future for Fortnite.

Source: Reddit

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