These leaked Fortnite skins still haven’t been added to the game

As usual, almost every update for Fortnite introduces a new collection of skins for players to express themselves in the game – and, thanks to data miners, players can get an early look at some skins before they’ve even been officially released.

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Due to the efforts of a few of these data-miners, a collection of unreleased skins, gliders, pickaxes, and emotes from Fortnite’s v6.30 update were teased before ever being made available.

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While a number of these skins have since gone live, fans can still count on the upcoming release for a remaining handful of cosmetics, including the stoic Guan Yu skin, the tactical Reflex skin, the Guandao pickaxe, and more. You can take a look at exactly which skins have yet to be released below:

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Guan Yu (Epic)

Loyalty and bravery at all times

Riot (Rare)

Defending the pre-post-punk-post-hardcore scene

Instinct (Rare)

Victory comes naturally

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Reflex (Rare)

Quick to react, first to retaliate

Loyal Shield

Dependable as always

Trusty Tusks (Epic)

Tufted and tusked

Reaction Tank (Rare)


Response Unit (Rare)

Send a message

Divine Dragon

Sail through the clouds, and row toward victory

Pivot (Rare)

Primed to pivot with precision

Hyper (Uncommon)

What’s up must come down

Guandao (Rare)

Sharpened for battle

Longhorn (Rare)

Corral the competition

Angular Axe (Uncommon)

Acutely obtuse

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Aside from this slew of cosmetics, the v6.30 patch also introduced the infamous Mounted Turret, a Food Fight Limited-Time-Mode, the Last-World Revolver, and more, including major bug fixes. 

You can read more on the patch notes in our article, and even test your knowledge on Fortnite’s map locations in our Ultimate Fortnite Quiz.

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