The Highly Anticipated Fortnite Blockbuster Challenge Skin Has Been Leaked *Update – Customizable Face*

Mike Kent

The weekly Fortnite updates dropped by Epic Games provide fans of the game with a lot more knowledge than the developers would like.

Data mining is the process of looking through the update files and finding new information. Twitter user @TwoEpicBuddies has become the expert when it comes to Fortnite data mining.

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Epic Games dropped update V.4.4 on the morning of Monday June 11th. Released a couple of days early due to Fortnite’s big plans at E3, the patch introduced the Thermal Scope Assault Rifle, traps on ramps and a host of other features.

It didn’t take long for TwoEpicBuddies to sift through the files to find the highly anticipated skin that will be unlocked when players complete The Blockbuster Challenges.

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Players are required to complete the seven Blockbuster Challenges each week, which in turn unlocks a loading screen.

All of these loading screens contain clues to the hidden Battle Stars, located across the map.

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It looks as though it was worth the wait to find out what the Blockbuster Challenge skin would be, after this image was found during the data mining process.

What’s even more exciting is that the head of the skin can be customized.

Instead of being called ‘Blockbuster’ it will receive the name ‘Visitor’.