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The Giant Cube in Fortnite Is Now Surrounded By a Low-Gravity Force Field

Published: 28/Aug/2018 23:20 Updated: 28/Aug/2018 23:21

by Albert Petrosyan


Another in-game change has taken place in Fortnite involving the mysterious giant Cube.

Around midday on August 28, a low-gravity dome/field formed around the Cube, encompassing it and the nearby surrounding area.

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This newly formed gravitational force field affects anyone who goes near the Cube, allowing them to hop around in a low-gravity environment.

Its effect is very similar to the Hop Rocks that were temporarily added to the game at the start of Season 4, although the effect does go away once the player has left the zone.

Here are video of this new low-gravity field in-game, courtesy of Fortnite news outlet @LootLakeBR and YouTuber ‘DuhSlayerr.’


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Although it is impossible to know what the Cube will do next and when, all of these occurrences seem to be following a pre-determined set of events. 

The formation of this gravitational dome, along with the Cube’s scheduled movements, all fit in with a coded event pattern that was found and leaked by FNLeak several days ago. 

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It appears that the Cube has entered the next phase of events, which means, according to the leak, it should be starting to move towards a “lake.”

Although unspecified, many believe the “lake” is referring to ‘Loot Lake,’ however some have predicted it will make its way back into the desert corner of the map and go to the unnamed body of water that is located there.


The Cube is currently located near Fatal Fields, and we will provide updates as to any new events or changes that occur.