Tfue slams TSM pro Commandment for apparently stream sniping him and Cloak

TeamSoloMid / Tfue

Fortnite Battle Royale star, Turney ‘Tfue’ Tenney slammed young Team SoloMid pro player, Commandment, after a very suspicious engagement.

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Tfue’s popularity as one of the best known Twitch streamers often leads to him being stream sniped by his viewers, so that they can test themselves against the pro or show off for the stream.

However, during more competitive matches, it is less likely for Tfue to be targeted by stream snipers, as the lobbies mostly consist of pro players.

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Tfue TwitchTfue’s popularity on Twitch often makes him a target for stream snipers.
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While Tfue was watching back one of his competitive matches, he noticed how far away TSM Commandment was from him, before using his Rift-To-Go to push away from the next safe zone, and instead challenge Tfue and Cloakzy while they had low health after a battle in the storm.

Commandment then came under fire by Tfue as he began questioning the TSM member’s decision making, saying, “He rifts into the fucking storm and comes to fight us, what the fuck is he doing?”

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When looking at the map in replay mode, Tfue displayed how ridiculous the play was by TSM Commandment, highlighting just how far away the safe zone was from them at that point.

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Many of Tfue’s viewers began to assume that TSM Commandment may have been watching Tfue’s stream and aware of the fact he and Cloak had low health, as it would seem to make no sense to challenge the pair 1v2 otherwise.

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However, other viewers chalked it up to sheer confidence that the 14-year-old TSM pro player has gathered, while competing.

Tfue makes no direct accusation, although his suspicions are clear, as stream sniping is a serious issue, especially for a professional player. Epic Games have shown a willingness to ban players found guilty in the past, and Twitch too will take action against streamers who do so.

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