SypherPK explains why not releasing patch notes is hurting Fortnite

Connor Bennett

Popular Fortnite player Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan has explained why the decision to not release patch notes during Chapter 2 is actually hurting the game. 

With Fortnite switching to a new map with its last major update, Epic Games have taken away one of the most popular aspects of their regular updates – the patch notes.

Like all other games, these details give players an insight into what they can expect with new updates including new items and whether or not their favorite weapon is no longer usable. The developers have faced criticism from plenty of players for no longer releasing them, but SypherPK claims they could be doing more harm than good by not unveiling the changes. 

Epic GamesPlayers no longer know what’s changed in Fortnite following the lack of patch notes.

In a lengthy tweet thread, the Luminosity Gaming member explained how the lack of patch notes has caused “unneeded confusion and frustration” within the Fortnite community, while also noting that it’s now difficult to give feedback on the game.

Sypher also noted that having no patch notes causes “unneeded speculation” because players may uncover what they believe to be a new change, but they can’t be certain as there are no patch notes to fall back upon.

The popular Twitch streamer concluded by saying a lack of patch notes has been taking some of his enjoyment as both a player and content creator. 

He signed off by reiterating his thoughts about the game being harmed. Sypher said: “The lack of information is creating a divide between players and the game.”

As a result of the lack of official patch notes, some players have been left to compile their own unofficial changes but, again, they could very well be jotting something down that hasn’t actually changed – it may just feel like it has.

Whether or not Epic will bring the patch notes back at some point remains unclear, but it’s obvious that the community would like to see communication in form or another.

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