Strange Fortnite exploit lets you use every skin possible

Daniel Cleary
Fortntie skin near lockie lighthouse

Fortnite players have found an unusual exploit with Mystique’s emote that lets them try out and equip any skins in the battle royale – including ones that they haven’t even purchased.

The fourth season of Fortnite’s Chapter 2, which was revealed to be completely Marvel-themed, introduced popular superheroes like Thor, Wolverine, and more as playable characters.

Among the new Marvel skins was Mystique from the X-Men series, who is known for her ability to shapeshift into anyone she meets, but players have now found a way to abuse her ability in Fortnite to use any skins they want.

mystique in fortnite
Fortnite players have found a strange glitch that lets them equip any skin in Season 4.

While those with the Mystique skin and Shapeshifter emote can temporarily mirror opponents with other Fortnite skins, a new trick has been found to make it last much longer than originally intended.

Fortnite YouTuber Glitch King revealed that fans could try out new skins for as long as they please with a strange glitch in the game’s creative mode.

The YouTuber explained that anyone with the Season 4 skin and emote would have to join a Creative Mode game with another player, and then, after using the shapeshifter emote to mirror the other character, they would simply need to exit to the main hub.

After spawning into another match, Glitch King revealed that the other player’s skin would remain equipped even if you take any damage in-game.

However, this glitch does not last forever and it will reset you back to your default character once you are eventually killed.

It is also worth noting that, as of now, this unusual exploit only works in Creative Mode but it can still give players the chance to test any skins they are thinking of getting.

Although it does not affect Fortnite’s public matches, it is still an exploit that Epic Games did not intend to release and it is likely that they will be looking to patch this strange bug in a future update.