How to defeat Wolverine in Fortnite: Location & fight guide

Connor Bennett
Wolverine running across the Fortnite map

Wolverine is now on the prowl in Fortnite but he can be difficult to defeat in a fight. So, here’s where you can find him as well as the best tactics to use against the Mutant. 

For the past few seasons, Fortnite players have been able to do battle with NPCs and get unbelievable loot as a reward. Previously, it had been characters that Epic Games had created like Midas but now, it’s all about Marvel. 

Players can fight iconic characters like Iron Man and Doctor Doom for the chance to wield their superpowers and also unlock loot via their specific vaults.

Aside from those two, however, you can also fight Wolverine – although he doesn’t have a vault that you can unlock. Instead, the X-Men character just has his abilities as a reward but he can be difficult to find. 

Marvel skins in Fortnite
Every Marvel character added in Fortnite Season 4 has a corresponding mythic item.

Wolverine location in Fortnite

If you want to do battle with the mutant, you aren’t going to find him at his own POI like Iron Man and Stark Industries. Instead, he’s found one of two normal POIs. 

Typically, you’ll be able to find Wolverine hanging out around Weeping Woods. He can be found in the forest itself or around the buildings where some players will drop early on for materials and loot.

However, he can also make the journey over to Slurp Factory. Why you might ask? Well, nobody is sure. But, randomly, he can be found there so be sure to fully search these areas before giving up on finding him. 

Wolverine standing around in Fortnite
Wolverine is typically found in Weeping Woods.

Wolverine Fornite fight guide

As for defeating Wolverine, there aren’t many cheese strategies like there are to defeating both Iron Man and Doctor Doom – you aren’t going to be able to lock him in a corner. 

Instead, you’ll want a vehicle of some sort to use as cover. If you park a car or Choppa between yourself and Wolverine and then engage him, you can easily run circles around the vehicle while dealing damage.

You’ll also want a shotgun or assault rifle, as well as plenty of ammo – you aren’t going to take him down with a pistol. One you knock him down, make sure to complete the elimination or Wolverine will revive himself.

When you ultimately defeat Wolverine, you’ll be able to use his skin in your games moving forward – meaning you’ll stand out from the crowd and prove that you’ve beaten the Mutant. 

It’s not an easy task, and certainly isn’t one that every player will be able to complete, but it’s not completely impossible.