Professional Fortnite players voice their frustrations with the Dynamite update

Fortnite’s newest item, Dynamite, was announced on November 19 and is expected to be released on November 20, but some players are already unhappy about it.

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The new item, which comes with the description: “Light the fuse and wait for the boom!” is expected to go live as part of the v6.30 Content Update but some professionals and streamers think that Epic Games should be focusing on fixing existing issues instead.

TSM’s Daequan Loco took to Twitter after the announcement of the Dynamite, saying: “The community been throwing suggestions at Fortnite for as long as I can remember cause we could see the obvious route it was on to an unfun experience. Well here we are, still throwing suggestions & getting a dynamite stick nobody asked for while there’s 99 problems to tend to.”

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Dynamite was announced in-game on November 19.
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FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill clearly agreed with the TSM man, stating: “Got 99 problems, but not having dynamite ain’t one.

“Please make the game work properly. We keep avoiding real issues and adding unnecessary items. I’d rather play this game with 3 guns and have it actually work than 1 million gimmicks. Need a day off stream to recover.”

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Both players are well respected within the professional Fortnite community and it would appear that their sentiments are mirrored by many competitive fans, but some of their colleagues are feeling more optimistic.

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Daequan’s teammate, Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani suggested that the Dynamite could be a step in the right direction for explosive items in Fortnite and asked his followers not to dismiss it before giving it a try.

He also made it clear that we would like to see regular ‘State of Development’ blogs from Epic Games as they appear to have become more sparse in recent months.

With so many top players beginning to feel alienated, it will be interesting to see what Epic do to try to bring them back into the fold.

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Daequan recently suggested a public test server that could be used to try out new ideas, like the controversial Mounted Turret, before adding them to the live version of the game.