Professional Fortnite Player for compLexity Gives Innovative Tip on How to Efficiently Push an Enemy

Professional Fortnite player for compLexity Gaming, Michael ‘Hogman’ Hogman, has been looking for more efficient ways to push an enemy and he came up with this innovative tip on to do it.

Every Fortnite player knows the frustrating feeling of trying to push enemies and having their ramps shot out from under them.

If you’ve ever had a launch pad shot out from under you this tip applies to that as well, and you might find more fortification if you follow the instructions.

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To prevent your builds from crumbling its best to have as many structural connections as possible, so that if a ramp or wall gets dropped the structure still stands.

Previously, players would push opponents with single ramps and walls, but now the better players will use double ramps side-by-side, with extra walls and floors to provide additional protection.

Hogman has taken that idea and changed it slightly to something a bit more flexible for users to quickly advance on opponents.

The reason for the side wall is the connection between walls offers more protection if your single layer ramp gets shot out.

In the next iteration of the build-push, it would be no surprise to see this tip applied and expanded into a two-wide format.

Of course, all of that protection on the structure comes with the risk of burning through materials quickly as just one column of ramp, walls, and floor costs users 40 of a given material.