Pokimane commends Epic for “always adapting” Fortnite amid no-build mode hype

Epic Games / Twitch: Pokimane

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has weighed in with her opinion on the mostly well-received decision by Epic Games to remove building in the latest chapter of Fortnite. With Chapter 3 Season 2, the game has undergone potentially the biggest change throughout its illustrious history, and Poki is here for it.

Pokimane has long been a stalwart of the Fortnite scene. Despite quitting it more than once, the streamer consistently finds herself returning to the game — at least around big updates.

With Epic Games’ decision to remove building from the gameplay, streamers have been jumping in with their compliments and criticisms on the impact it has had upon general play.

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On a March 24 stream, Poki gave the contentious mode a spin and had her thoughts clear from the start: “I’m glad we get to at least see what it’s like with no building.”

Pokimane-admits-to-being-burnt-out-and-needing-a-change-720x405Twitch: Pokimane
Pokimane is back playing Fortnite and loving it — all thanks to the no-build mode.

Continuing on with her feelings on the decision, she gave a rousing recommendation of the moves pulled by Epic Games.

“Say whatever the frick you wanna say about Fortnite or Epic Games, you’ve gotta give it to ’em. They are always adapting and coming out with fresh content and trying new things. And I respect the hell outta that.”

Along with the decision to remove builds another new feature of Season 3 Chapter 2 instantly caught Poki’s eye. “I can’t believe they’re letting you ride the battle bus. I still remember pressing B to thank the driver.”

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However, Pokimane’s thoughts were best summed up by the rhetorical question every player asks themselves after each update: “What hasn’t Fortnite done?”

While the overall response to this decision has been positive for the most part, the Fortnite subreddit was quick to turn to anarchy, with hardcore fans bemoaning the thousands of wasted hours learning to build.

However, streamers cannot gush enough, from Tfue to Dr Disrespect and now Poki — with the no-build mode gaining insane traction in the community.