Dr Disrespect completely changes his mind on Fortnite with no-building mode

dr disrespect with fortnite backgroundYouTube: Dr Disrespect/Epic Games

To launch Season 2 of Fortnite, Epic Games made the bold decision to remove building from the game completely for a limited time, and players are already loving it — including notorious Fortnite critic and streaming phenom, Dr Disrespect.

Fortnite’s distinguishing USP to separate it from other battle royale titles, among a litany of other unique features, has always been the building.

More than just being able to shoot straight, players have had to be great at out-building their opponents, getting the sneaky edits in, and doing anything possible to get the better of (or get away from) their opponents.

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While many players have always loved it, much of the original playerbase dropped off when the building aspect got ‘too out of hand’ and it became harder to compete. Thus, the no-building aspect in Season 2 has attracted a lot of attention.

Fortnite IOEpic Games
Fortnite has removed building temporarily, and players are loving it.

With streamers like Ninja and Tfue already becoming huge fans of the game in its current state, there has been a lot of positive feedback to the game being reduced to just gun versus gun.

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While Dr Disrespect has always been one of Fortnite’s biggest critics, even at its peak when every top streamer was playing it 24/7, it appears his mind could be changed.

“It was actually fun,” he told Tfue, who tweeted demanding the change be made permanent. “Thought I’d never say that about Fortnite. Ever.”

The Doc has been streaming some Fortnite again since the change and, while he’s been frustrated by it while hunting solo wins, he’s clearly enjoying it a bit more than he used to.

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With so much positivity surrounding the change, however, it will be interesting to see whether Epic Games decide to make the move permanent, or even bring it in as a separate mode.

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