Poach Explains Why He Wanted to Add Vivid to Team Liquid’s Fortnite Roster

Team Liquid

Team Liquid’s Jake ‘Poach’ Brumleve has commented the organization’s recent decision to add Noah ‘Vivid’ Wright to the starting roster of their pro Fortnite team, saying it was a move that he pushed for.

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Speaking to viewers of his Twitch stream, the Fortnite Battle Royale star made it clear that the move wasn’t a random one and that he actually initiated it.

“I was the one that pushed for it. I was the one that said I want him on the team, you know?

“I knew he’s a nuts player, and then I played with him in the [Fortnite Summer] Skirmish and we won… Like, yes I’m glad with the pickup. I’m the one that initiated it.”

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Vivid replaced Adam ‘Strafesh0t’ Crawford on the starting roster – a decision that was lamented by Strafesh0t fans, but Poach seems certain that the decision was the best one for the team moving forward.

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Vivid had been heavily linked with a move to TSM prior to joining Team Liquid, but he has since stated that a natural chemistry with the Team Liquid players was the main factor in helping him make a decision.

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As Poach mentioned in the clip above, he and Vivid have already found success as a duo in the past – earning themselves $75,000 by winning Week 5 of the Fortnite Summer Skirmish series.

Vivid also won the Week 4 solo tournament (a competition that saw Poach finish in second place) so it is easy to see why he was so heavily sought after by the likes of Team Liquid and TSM.

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Strafsh0t’s future is currently uncertain, by Team Liquid’s co-owner Steve Arhancet has made it clear that he has options within the organization and is also free to pursue other opportunities.