Ninja stunned after finding “busted” Fortnite exploit at new POI

Zackerie Fairfax

Ninja and SypherPK were left stunned after discovering an exploit at the new The Collider POI that makes players invincible.

Epic Games released the final update for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 adding a brand new POI: The Collider. This IO base houses a new Doomsday Device set to break havoc on the island at the end of the season.

However, it seems the POI is already causing trouble as it’s introduced a new overpowered exploit. The feet of the device is supposed to be solid objects, but streamers Ninja and SypherPK found a sneaky way to get inside them.

Hiding in the structure not only renders a player immune to bullet damage but also allows them to heal and prep for battle. However, the concrete block doesn’t negate the effects of storm damage.

ninja fornite

Ninja baffled by “busted” Fortnite exploit

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins hopped into a party with SypherPK to check out the new Fortnite POI. However, they didn’t expect to find a couple of players hiding inside the Doomsday Device.

While dominating at The Collider, Ninja chases two players near the foot of the Doomsday Device. To his surprise, both players had walked through the solid object Platform 9 3/4 style.

Shocked, Ninja stammered on coms attempting to relay what he had just seen to Sypher. “I’m in the ground! There’s a guy in the ground getting rezzed,” he said.

They quickly discovered how to use a Shockwave grenade to push players out of the structure. But while inside the slab of concrete, players can’t deal damage to one another. This led to a hilarious moment where Sypher, Ninja, and a stranger danced together before leaving the structure to engage in combat.

“That’s busted, bro,” commented Sypher before jokingly spouting off an intro to a tutorial video for the exploit. “The #1 place for free Arena points, right here guys!”

Another clip shows the Slone boss being able to fire bullets through another portion of the Doomsday Device which makes it seem as if more portions of the structure are hollow.

Hopefully, Epic Games will patch this soon as multiple competitive tournaments are scheduled for the near future. Players hiding in the impenetrable concrete box could spoil the fun for other players.

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