Ninja explains why controller on PC shouldn’t be allowed in Fortnite

Epic Games / Ninja

Popular content creator Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins explains why controller players should not be allowed to play Fortnite on PC in the game’s current state.

Since cross-platform play was introduced to Fortnite, allowing PC and console players to test their skills against one another, many players have questioned just how level the playing field is for both platforms.

Some of the game’s top creators, such as Tfue, have been very critical of controller players having aim assist in Fortnite, claiming that it gives them a significant advantage over PC players in a gunfight.

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Mixer: NinjaNinja is not happy with the current state of controller aim assist in Fortnite.

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While he was streaming matches on the popular battle royale with his duo Reverse2k, Ninja also shared his thoughts on what changes needed to be made after the pair to lost out a supposed controller player in-game.

The Mixer star explained that controller vs mouse and keyboard can lead to some unfair matchups in-game. “If people want to play on controller, then play on the Xbox or PlayStation. […] [Controller on PC] creates these weird little situations and matchups where that guy right there, literally was not going to miss a shot.”

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“He doesn’t need to have any aim whatsoever, his scar is going to head dink you every single time,” Ninja explained, giving his take on the controversial topic, “so many arguments, listen I understand its a better experience to play on the PC, right? You get better frames. I’m well aware of that, then use the mouse and keyboard.”

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Fellow Fortnite pro Reverse2k also pointed out some of his frustrations, revealing that Epic Game had consulted with some of the top controller pros such as Aydan when balancing the controller settings, claiming that it had become too one-sided in their favor.
“The aim assist needs to be changed and that’s just facts,” Ninja expressed in response, suggesting what he thinks would create more balanced gunfights, “the aim assist with the controller on PC needs to be messed around with a little bit.
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However, the Fortnite star revealed that although he is not happy with the current state of aim assist, he does believe that it should still remain as a feature in-game for those who game on a controller.
It is unknown if Epic has any plans for adjusting the aim assist settings in the future, as many of the pro players and creators continue to debate over what changes they would like to see implemented.

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