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Ninja and Courage watch the Fortnite Cube melt into Loot Lake

Published: 19/Sep/2018 20:20 Updated: 19/Sep/2018 20:23

by Mike Kent


The destination of the Fortnite cube has been a highly debated subject with fans of the popular battle royale game. It’s finally gone.

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The cube appeared in a flash of lightning on August 24 and has been the center of attention for a number of conspiracy theories ever since.

A number of smart mobile players worked out the route of the cube, and it indeed ended up at their predicted location, inside Loot Lake.

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The cube has gone quite the route to get to its final destination, including destroying one of the new structures in Tilted Towers.


Players on Wednesday September 19 watched in wonder as the cube rolled into the water at Loot Lake and proceeded to melt, turning the entire blue water into a giant bounce pad.

Ninja and Courage watched the dramatic event unfold.

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The pair decided to check out exactly how bouncy it was, and after dropping from a significant height, they both bounced right back up.

The cube disappearing is expected to be linked with Fortnite’s Season 6 battle pass.