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New Fortnite unlimited XP exploit uncovered in Season 4 secret challenge

Published: 25/Sep/2020 3:18 Updated: 25/Sep/2020 3:39

by Andrew Amos


Struggling to grind your Fortnite Season 4 battle pass? A new unlimited XP exploit has been discovered by the “Glitch King” himself. However, be wary when using it, because Epic could be cracking down on players that abuse it.

Like every season, Fortnite players have to grind the Season 4 battle pass to get some great rewards.

However, this season has some extra special rewards on the line if you are a Marvel fan. Eight MCU characters, with potential foil variants, makes this season’s grind even more worthwhile.

Fortnite Season 4 Marvel battle pass header
Epic Games
There’s plenty of MCU skins on offer in the Fortnite Season 4 battle pass, making these XP exploits appetizing.

This has got players looking for potential ways to rack up experience fast. One way to do so is by completing the weekly challenges, and also just setting aside some time to grind out the games. Others, however, resort to exploits like this one.


While Epic has been hot on trying to patch out exploits as they pop up, this one has lingered around for a little while, revolving around a secret Season 4 challenge. YouTuber Glitch King uncovered it while completing the defusal challenge.

Defusing the bomb will only give you 500 XP. However, if you spray the barrel, it’ll trigger the reward up to five times in one game. After you get the 2,500 XP, you’ll have to back out of the game and rinse and repeat the grind.

Obviously, 2,500 XP is only a small dent, and the grind might not be as appetising as previous exploits which give players millions, or even billions of XP. However, it’s still a way to farm up your battle pass.


There’s also downsides to tanking your solo stats, so if you are a bit of a stat hunter you’ll want to stay away. If MMO grinding doesn’t appeal to you either, that’s a good reason to avoid this exploit.

The number one reason above all though might be facing the wrath of Epic. If you do it too much, Epic might catch on and punish you with an account ban. While it’s unlikely, it’s still a possibility.

However, if you’re still thinking the benefits outweigh the risk, you can easily abuse this exploit to get easy experience to level up your battle pass. It’s much quicker than just hoping you pop off every game.