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New Exploit Discovered in Fortnite That Allows Rapid Firing of RPGs

Published: 21/Aug/2018 2:25

by Albert Petrosyan


An exploit has been discovered in Fortnite: Battle Royale that makes the Rocket Launcher weapon dangerously overpowered.

This trick, which is being called the ‘RPG Reload Exploit,’ allows the user to fire rockets much faster than what would be the normal rate.

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Reddit user ‘CratesofWrath’ brought this exploit to light by posting a video of it on the FortniteBR page.

In the video, he gets eliminated by a player who is clearly taking advantage of the glitch and firing the RPG abnormally fast.

Epic: Please Remove this RPG Reload Exploit (Read My Comment Below)(This Post Does not Teach How to do it) from r/FortNiteBR

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In the second half of the clip, the user demonstrates the difference between the normal RPG fire rate and the fire rate of the Launcher that eliminated him


When normally used, the RPG has a slight delay between each reload that causes the rate to be slowed down, whereas the enemy player in the clip was shooting the rockets continuously and without any delays.

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Fortunately, CratesofWrath has not provided the secret to using this exploit, although many in the comments section agree that it involves some sort of well-timed reload cancellation mechanic. 

Considering how careful and attentive Epic Games is with such things in Fortnite, it’s likely that this exploit will be patched up in the very near future.