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Why the New ‘Sniper and Clinger’ Meta in Fortnite is So Deadly

Published: 20/Aug/2018 20:52

by Albert Petrosyan


Anyone who has played Fortnite long enough will know that the game is usually dominated by the weapon loadout that is considered to be the “meta” at the time.

While Epic Games is always adjusting weapons and items to balance out these metas, there are always several combinations that give players the upper hand during gunfights. 

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One meta that has quickly proven to be extremely deadly involves the use of Clinger Grenades and the new Heavy Sniper Rifle.

Putting this loadout to use is simple; in a build-fight, the player must first throw the Clinger at one of the enemy’s built structures, and then use the Heavy Sniper to destroy that specific structure before the Clinger explodes.


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The reason why this meta is such an advantage to use is because once the structure is destroyed, the Clinger grenade, by default, will detonate early.

This then leads the damage caused by the explosion to longer focus on the structure the Clinger was attached to, but rather whatever is in the space behind it, which would usually be the enemy player.

Here is a demonstration of this meta in action, courtesy of Fortnite YouTuber ‘MonsterDface.’

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As you can see in the clip, the Heavy Sniper Rifle is the preferred weapon of choice to partner up with the Clinger because it can inflict great damage to structures, destroying them in just one shot.


A full breakdown of this new meta, along with steps on how to master it, the best scenarios to use it in, and more, can be viewed in MonsterDface’s video down below, or by visiting his YouTube channel here.